GetConversion founders - Peter Pazinczar, Vilmos Schwarz, Sandor Kromesch

About GetConversion

Our Mission

Our mission is to help website owners around the world with their online marketing strategies so they can easily deliver their values to visitors in seconds, by providing proven call to action tools and services that don't require any coding experience.

The GetConversion Story

Since 2000, we have been working on big projects for international companies that allowed us to accumulate a great deal of working practices in the world of online businesses and internet marketing. However, this valuable know-how could only be delivered to our big clients previously.

Over the years we have also realized that small things can deliver huge values for small and medium sized businesses. The high need for a customizable yet easy to use solutions made us create effective call to action and lead generation tools that can quickly convert visitors into customers without the need to having any coding experience.

We truly believe that GetConversion offers this solution by providing a wide spectrum of proven call to action plugins and relating services. Understanding that there are different stages in the lives of all online businesses we’ve decided to implement a business model that allows us to provide such solutions varying from free to premium versions with the desire to help as many website owners as possible.

Corporate Background

eRise, the company behind GetConversion, has closely 15 years of experience in the web development business.

With wild range of references, varying from international companies to government projects, we have faced multiple challenges and, thanks to our qualified developer team with cutting edge technology knowledge, we have been able to find the best solutions so far.

24. JAN 2014

GC MailPoet EX

The first GC extension plugin released

16. OCT 2013


With 2.2 release came the support of multiple language by and group/role filters for WooCommerce

17. JUL 2013

GC Community

The community site of GetConversion released with forums and roadmaps with voting feature

Q2 2013

Small releases

Small features come with the small releases on Bar and Box

03. DEC 2012

The GC Message Bar

Our first Wordpress plugin, GC Message Bar released

15. DEC 2013


20.000 downloads on GC plugins

21. SEP 2013

10.000 on Bar

10.000 downloads and 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on GC Message Bar

18. JUN 2013

The 2.0

MY.GetConversion, and the new admin UI on plugins released

22. MAR 2013

GC Message Box

The new plugin, GC Message Box released

NOV 2012

First code lines

Meet the board

GetConversion co-founder: Vilmos Schwarz
Vilmos Schwarz
Co-Founder - Business Development
& Head of UI/UX
I am responsible for the UI/UX of the products, the marketing and the business development
GetConversion co-founder: Sandor Kromesch
Sandor Kromesch
Co-Founder - Head of Development
I am responsible for the technology and development of the products
GetConversion co-founder: Peter Pazinczar
Peter Pazinczar
Co-Founder - Chief Financial Officer
& Business Operations
I am responsible for business operation, financial and administration

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